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The ST Synergy product provides an integrated enterprise Knowledge and Information Management tool. It is designed to deliver a total enterprise information portal by integrating and allowing access to the following elements of an organisation's activities:
  • client/customer management;
  • marketing;
  • electronic documents management;
  • workflow;
  • contacts management;
  • relationships;
  • e-mail;
  • loyalty programs;
  • reporting;
  • intranet web publishing.
The key aspects of the system's modules are as follows:

  • Document Management: used to store and retrieve files stored on the corporate server. Each file can be described in detail with the name of the author, last user, logical filing classification, key words, descriptive comments etc. Additionally there is built in support to allow documents to be scanned in to support the "paperless office" concept. Document templates (precedents) and standard form letters are also managed.
  • Project/Workflow Schedules: offers workflow management for projects and tasks. Users can define a number of stages for a project, delegate it, and track its progress and workflow.
  • Messaging and Communication: this module provides messaging and notification capability. It can also be integrated with other third party messaging systems. ST Synergy also includes a front desk receptionist function for handling client communication.
  • Client Control Centre: this module handles the PIM (Personal Information Management) functions of the system however its uses extend beyond dealing with customer information. It has an integrated customer management capability, allowing customer based document, contact, workflow, profiling and messaging information to be available from a single interface. Importantly, ST Synergy allows a broad and flexible definition of a "client". A client can be defined to represent an object/subject on which you want to gather data, example - customer, supplier, project, asset, employee.
  • Loyalty Management: the system can be used to manage customer loyalty programmes and track customer behaviour patterns.
  • Web Publishing: this module permits the publication of documents on the corporate internet or intranet Web site.
  • Reporting: allows users to run pre-existing or user-defined reports.
  • Integration with Accounting Packages: ST Synergy integrates with various third-party accounting packages to eliminate data duplication and allows the organisation to effectively synchronise its accounting database within the centralised client database.
  • Integration with Line of Business Applications: ST Synergy provides seamless integration with many industry standard software applications, with particular compatibility with the Microsoft Office suite.
  • Compatible with any industry: ST Synergy allows organisations to capture information on any aspect of their business operations through user defined variable data.