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Client Comments

The following are what Clients have said about us:

"The product itself is outstanding - it met every one of the requirements we set down" Amanda, Consulting Firm

"To say I am pleased with the purchase and how the office operates with this software would clearly be an understatement" Andrew, Law Firm

"Overall ST Synergy has increased workflow and efficiency, as well as our value, without the need for extensive and continuous training." Maurice, Construction Supplier

"Often computer software is only as good as the operator, but if it had been too complicated our staff would not have used it." Viv, Medical Supplier

"Prior to the software installation it was a nightmare keeping track of what was being sent out to our customers and potential customers." Ian, Construction Supplier

"ST synergy has been an invaluable tool in my office and as the practice and it's IT needs have expanded, ST Synergy has been more than capable of satisfying the practice's increasing demands." Jennifer, Chartered Accounting Practice

"Pro-formas are working brilliantly. Has cut our Document generation time by more than 50%." Shane, Business Advisory Service

"We have achieved a lot of our business goals over 10 years with ST Synergy, so we are very happy with our investment." Alistair, Investment Solutions Provider

"The new workflow process and BPAY changes are going well." Rob, Government Department

"It used to take us minutes of searching to find Documents, now it is taking just a few seconds." Gerard, Call Centre