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The Challenge, The Solution

The Challenge

Effective knowledge and information management remains a distant goal for many organisations as they are often unable to integrate their various business functions and software applications.

Lack of integration and information overload can create information “black holes” where workers waste time searching for information or recreating documents that already exist.

The challenge for today’s enterprise is to maintain its personalised service whilst participating in the knowledge and information revolution.

The Solution

ST Synergy has created an effective solution by developing what it believes to be ground-breaking software that delivers a holistic computer software solution that “humanises” the corporate computer network.

ST Synergy’s Enterprise Knowledge system creates a co-ordinated environment in which almost all key aspects of a business are available at the click of a mouse.

The software captures an organisation’s “corporate memory” and allows client’s names, preferences, credit history, spending patterns and correspondence to be known by staff.

This in turn allows organisations to return to the time honoured value of providing personalised service, whilst participating in, and assisting to cope with, the knowledge and information management revolution.

ST Synergy can be seen as an umbrella that brings all the various information components of an enterprise under one roof, allowing them to interface with ease and in turn providing an invaluable tool for all divisions of the enterprise.

Why Are We Different From Other Software Solutions?

  • A One stop integrated product/solution
    • CRM
    • Document management
    • Workflow
    • Process management
    • Time recording and costing
    • Billing
    • Archiving
  • Designed & developed locally, by Australians, for Australians
  • Affordable, Scaleable
  • Fully customisable offering with no programming required to implement

Customer Benefits

ST Synergy assists competitive advantage through:

  • Increased efficiency and control
  • Reduced overall Administration costs
  • Improved ability to deal with change
  • Increased capacity for growth
  • Improved response times
  • Improved Customer retention
  • Recognising opportunities
  • Minimising duplication
  • Increased Revenues through:
    • Capture of lost time
    • Management of true cost of doing business
  • Superior management of Staff Customers, Prospects, Suppliers & Industry Bodies
  • Staff empowerment