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ST Synergy is an Australian owned and operated Knowledge and Information Management software solutions developer and provider. With support staff located on both the east and the west coast we are well positioned to service the needs of businesses within Australia.
The fundamental purpose of the software application is to support Businesses in the improvement of profitability, competitiveness and management efficiency. History Development of the ST Synergy product began in January 1995 with the following vision: Development of the ST Synergy product began in January 1995 with the following vision:

  • that a single database could be created to store all the information requirements of the enterprise;
  • that the sharing of this information would be simple and efficient;
  • that data duplication would be minimised;
  • that industry standard software applications (word processors, spreadsheets etc) would integrate seamlessly with the information portal and in so doing automate many of their standard functions; and
  • that a single database containing all of the enterprise information could be harnessed and used externally.

The original scope of the ST Synergy product was focussed on dealing with an enterprise's management of its customer supplier databases. The Directors consider that this particular development focus differentiated the product from other applications available at that time.

Since 1995, the ST Synergy product has undergone uninterrupted development and continues to evolve. The scope of the product has since expanded from Entity Relationship Management to include Document Management, Workflow, Process management and Time recording, costing and billing.

Versions of the ST Synergy product have now been deployed throughout Australia at a number of sites and in a variety of industry verticals including Business Services, Financial Services, Government and Construction.

The application of the ST Synergy product across the various sites and verticals has served to provide ST Synergy with useful insights into ways to improve and develop the product. Many of these improvements opportunities have since been incorporated into later versions of the product.

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